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Green Tea Weight Loss -- Fact or Fiction?

Let's discuss green tea weight loss in this article. Green tea is one of the most complex herbs used in the pharmaceutical industry; an extremely complex herb, green tea is used in many types of health products and as an antioxidant. Green tea weight loss products are readily available in many forms and considered by many as one of the best products to take to shed excess calories. When used for extended periods it helps to re-generate human body cells and as a consequence actually slows down the normal aging process.

However, weight loss treatments using it rely on the laxative and toxin purging qualities of the plant that speed up the metabolism. Our body loses more calories because it is speeded up thereby reducing the amount of fat tissue which would normally form. The wonderful work that green tea weight loss supplements can do is easily undermined by a person whom believes they no longer need to contribute because it will do everything for them without any effort on their part. For it to work, adjustments to diet and mental attitude are necessary for a person to become healthier, it is not just a case of losing weight.

For the best results when using green tea as a hot drink; you are advised by various health experts to use it prior sleep when the metabolism is slowing down. Weight loss products containing this product can take some getting used too and often there may be some bowel irritation for a couple of days but it will pass.

Such green tea weight loss effects are normal, particularly if you haven't used the plant before as the body adjusts to the accelerated metabolism that eliminates the toxins much faster, before they pass into the blood. Indications that it is working can generally be seen within seven days of use providing other aspects of the diet are followed like drinking plenty of fluids combined with physical activity, fruit and vegetables.

The attributes of green tea can be further enhanced when it is used in combination with extracts from the root of ginseng. Ginseng has also been used in Chin and Tibet for many thousands of years and helps by adding vitamins and minerals to supplement those already being used in the detoxification process. Getting back to a normal weight can be stressful but the addition of ginseng to the green tea helps provide extra energy and fortification by assisting the body's own immune system. People can use ginseng and tea tree combined for extended periods of six months without any side-effects becoming apparent so they are extremely safe to use.

So, does the hype regarding green tea and weight loss validate its worth? Or is it just more fiction? My honest answer? I don't know. You need to see for yourself. I do know decaffeinated Green Tea has many health benefits among others its many antioxidants, which slows aging. It's worth taking just due to that reason alone. But check it out and add it to your daily regime. Even if it doesn't help you lose weight, it's worth taking for its antioxidant effects.

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