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Digestion Related Information


While we do not claim to be able to cure acid reflux or other digestive problems we present some information about what you can do that might help. First see a medical doctor and make sure there is not a more serious problem.

Acid reflux or stomach upset or indigestion is a problem. Many are looking for natural help for acid reflux.

Whenever you consider a health problem, it's smart to always consider the root of the problem. Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root." While acid reflux is not evil, of course, one should look at the root causes.

In a word diet. Diet is the problem, but it may not be the only problem. Diet, though, is a major contributor.

Continuing, if you have stubborn heartburn and acid regurgitation and/or severe stomach upset and indigestion, chances are you're one of the millions of sufferers. First see a medical doctor to be sure you do not have a serious condition.

It is believed by some medical practitioners that a hiatal hernia is a contributor to acid reflux. Well, with a hiatal hernia, it is easier for the stomach acid to rise, causing that terrible condition of acid reflux.

What foods can contribute to acid reflux? Some of the suspects include chocolate, caffeine drinks, citrus fruits, tomato-ladened foods like spaghetti sauce, pizza, lasagna, fried and fatty foods, garlic, onions, and spicy foods. Some other possible contributors include alcohol use, smoking and obesity or pregnancy.

Help for Acid Reflux

There are now numerous pharmaceutical products offered on the market to treat heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux, including antacids, H2 blockers and foaming agents. Talk with your doctor of a pharmacist about this.

With the large number of individuals with this problem it is not surprising that natural help is gaining in popularity among health seekers. Slippery elm bark. Slippery elm diminishes stomach acid and is very soothing to the stomach. It has even been used on babies who can't keep anything due to its remarkable soothing effect. Slippery elm may help ulcers as well as heartburn and indigestion.

Another natural Acid Reflux is orange peel extract. Researchers believe concentrated orange peel extract helps move food through the esophagus quickly thus decreasing the opportunity for heartburn and severe indigestion to develop.

Medical researchers also feel orange peel extract is a a surfactant agent, meaning it reduces the surface tension of liquids in the stomach and thus helps to suppress the chance of acid reflux coming up your esophagus.

The recommended usage for orange peel extract as a natural aide for acid reflux is approximately 1,000 mg of orange peel extract every other day for 20 days. The orange peel extract product you choose should have a minimum of 98.5% of d-limonene. In medical trials, the results were promising.

According to the study, approximately 90% of the study's participants saw heartburn relief after two weeks with almost one-third seeing improvement after only two days.

A good orange peel extract can be found online by searching in Google or your favorite search engine. Slippery elm is also available on the Web or at your local health food store. Slippery elm is safe and inexpensive.

Many people have tried and recommend include apple cider vinegar three times a day taking two tablespoons with water (distilled if you have it or better yet Kangen water).

Another folk remedy is to eat a lot of apples.

So try slippery elm and orange peel extract which studies show as promising. Regardless of what natural supplements you may be considering using, talk to your physician.

While these medicinal herbs may help, they are still to be used with judgment and skill. Over-the-counter drugs don't work for everybody and neither do herbs.