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Bitter Orange Peel Extract

Recently, a new weight loss supplement has come upon the scene proclaiming an ability to increase the human metabolism and to thus burn off excessive fat. As with most weight loss supplements today, some are skeptical and deservedly so. Part of the mission of this site is to either experiment, test or research such claims and to find what works and what doesn't. As mentioned, bitter orange peel extract is one of those new fat loss supplements getting some press. Bitter orange extract has gained popularity but what is it and does it work?

What is Bitter Orange Extract?

Bitter peel extract, as it's sometimes known as, is also referred to as Zhi Shi and Zhu qiao. This extract comes from the Citrus aurantium plant that is native to areas of Asia but it is cultivated and grown in parts of the U.S. as well as Europe.

It has been used in anti-inflammatory and antifungal medications, and recently it has was substituted in place of the ever-controversial ephedra as the ingredient in weight loss supplements as it has shown an ability in clinical studies to facilitate or increase a process known as "thermogenesis" -- this is important as thermogenesis is the body heat used to burn calories and fat. Remember, one pound of fat is 3,500 calories and thermogenesis is vital to burning those excess calories.

As an aside, one of the reasons why aerobic activity is so productive is because it puts the body into a thermogenic state.

Precautions Regarding Bitter Orange Extract

When compared to similar catalysts like ephedra and yohimbe, bitter orange is generally regarded as safer as it has fewer side effects. Ephedra can't make that claim. This is vitally important as there are fewer or no adverse reactions when taken in clinically-sanctioned recommended dosages.

that said, many of the dietary supplements with bitter orange peel are not what they claim to be.

Some of these supplements contain only bitter orange peel extract, when it has been shown to have greater effects in combination with other thermogenic ingredients.

Another problem is that other fat loss supplements contain very questionable ingredients. Some even have contaminants. This is not a surprise as supplement products are not strictly regulated here in the U.S. although more government intervention into our health concerns is not desirable.

Many feel that the ideal weight loss supplement should have pure bitter orange along with other natural thermogenic herbs and vitamins in order to facilitate weight loss.


Does bitter orange extract work? It appears so but use wisdom and discretion when buying a product it contains. Tried and true methods for weight loss include strenous cardiovascular workouts, more fruit and vegetables in the diet, and simply consuming less calories than you burn. This formula may be simple, but truth is simple.

This "system" also works.

Don't get me wrong, sensible supplementation can help, but they should not be considered the "Holy Grail." They should be complementary to your diet. If you combine proper fat loss supplementation with a sensible program of aerobic exercise and a low-fat diet, you will lose weight. I have personally proven this to myself. I believe in supplementation. Just use some discretion and judgment.

I hope this article helped you.

Yours in health,