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Health Benefits of Slippery Elm

The secret is out: slippery elm is one of the greatest medicinal herbs in the world. This humble herb soothes stomach problems, heals ulcers and can even be used as a poultice to heal and treat poison ivy. It's one of the finest herbal medicines in the world.

What else can it do? Here are some of the specific health benefits of slippery elm bark:

  • It has an abundant mucilage element that soothes, facilitates healing, eliminates inflammation and in general is a tremendous healing herb.
  • Soothes burns and inflamed skin as a poultice
  • Highly beneficial for inflammatory stomach issues, e.g., ulcers, nervous stomach, upset stomach and heart burn.
  • It neutralizes excessive acidity in the stomach
  • Heals and repairs damaged internal and external tissue
  • Neutralizes noxious stomach gases
  • Help babies keep food down while simultaneously providing much-needed nutrition; it is  soothing nutritive for weaning babies
  • Calm the stomach for infants as well as adults

Needless to say, this is quite an impressive list. You can get slippery elm bark as a powder or in capsule form. When combined with psyllium seed, it forms a potent mucilaginous drink that can cause a significant bowel movement as it holds significantly more liquid than its weight. In fact, it was used by Native American Indians to help plug holes in leaky canoes as a temporary stop gap measure.

Due to slippery elm bark's remarkable ability to retain massive amounts of liquid, it was used by early American pioneers to make pudding as well as to, to thicken jellys and as a survival food.

What does slippery elm taste like? It does not taste good but has a very bland taste that's very neutral. It also has a unique, characteristic smell as most herbs do.

In essence, it is a nutritive herb that is so soothing and gentle to the human organism, that it can be retained by even the most delicate and irritable stomachs. Thus, it is a ready-made herb for those suffering from inflamed bowel syndrome or Crohn's Disease. Its external uses are also wonderfully soothing.

It's so soothing to the skin that it is an effective remedy in treating poison ivy rashes, carbuncles, abscesses and boils. It was used accordingly by American Indians and American pioneers and was a staple of Thomasonian herbal practitioners.

I hope you found this health benefits of slippery elm bark useful. It's a great herb and I hope you'll add it to your repetoire of natural cures. You'll be glad you did.

Yours in health,